Cloud-Based Technology: The Standout Platform

StandOut is a leadership effectiveness platform based on decades of performance research with the world’s best leaders. Its purpose is to pinpoint your strengths as a leader and give you all the tools you need to lead your teams with greater intelligence, precision and impact. Using a personalized algorithm, StandOut delivers a steady stream of ongoing best practices, tips and techniques from leaders who share your same strengths.


StandOut also helps you to get the best out of each team member. It will pinpoint the strengths of everyone on the team, deliver to them an ongoing stream of tips and techniques to help them put their strengths to work, and provide you with a cheat sheet on how to engage each of them. Use the check-in tool to track your team’s engagement in real time.

Customizing StandOut:

Custom solutions of StandOut curate and deliver Excellence In Action knowledge from your own organization to the right individual at the right time. Teams learn from successful leaders in the organization and model performance based on individuals' actual strengths. Show more...

The Marcus Buckingham Company will study your top performers to identify best practices for each of the 9 strength Roles based on any number of positions in your organization. Here's how it works:

  • The 50 top performers per position will be invited to take the standard version of StandOut for the purpose of identifying their top strength Roles.
  • 9 participants (one per strength Role) will be identified for interviews to learn about practices that work well for them in their positions.
  • There is no advance preparation needed by those being interviewed other than being prepared to discuss what works best in doing their jobs.
  • Each position will include 9 interviews lasting approximately 45 minutes each.
  • The practical innovations captured in the study will then be woven into the StandOut results received by everyone in your organization who takes the assessment. In a sense, your people will receive practical tips and techniques that are "double customized" — tailor made from the best practices of people in the same position who have the same top 2 strength Roles.

Get in touch with us for more information on customizing StandOut.