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Leadership Development in the Age of the Algorithm
Marcus Buckingham | Harvard Business Review
June, 2012

Excerpt - Log on to your Facebook page, look at the column on the right, and you will see ads that seem uniquely relevant to you. Same for me: My page has an ad directing me to a site where I can check in on a particular high school graduating class from 1983.

Top Trends in Talent Management
Insights from Marcus Buckingham and Jason Averbook
January, 2015

Excerpt - A radical shift is under way in talent management, creating an unprecedented opportunity to influence how people work and experience work. Amid this shift, HR can reposition itself from an organizational function to a function that enables team leaders–the most critical people in organizations–to build agile, strength-based teams that deliver great performance.

The Idiosyncratic Rater Effect

Excerpt - HR has a vast amount of data, but little ornone of it is the right data. Talent management is moving from merely having lots of data to having valuable, smart data. The right data is data that is collected locally at the team level, in real time, and that is reliable.

The StandOut Platform
The World's First Leadership Effectiveness Tool Tailored To Your Strengths And The Strengths Of Your Team.
Marcus Buckingham
October, 2012

Excerpt - The formulaic model of leadership development is ineffective. It tries to collect all the various approaches to leadership, excludes the outliers, and packages the rest into a formula for everyone to follow.

Putting the Strengths-Based Perspective to Work
An Executive Briefing
Marcus Buckingham
August, 2010


  • Building a Strengths Culture in Your Organization
  • An Introduction to Marcus Buckingham's New Performance Management System
  • Case Studies from Winning Companies

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