STOP. Cut Out Weaknesses


Workshop-in-a-Box Cost (includes 10 Participant Kits):

Additional Participant Kits:
$65 each
Workshop Duration:
5 Hours
Master Facilitation Available:
Yes (details)

STOP is a complete workshop-in-a-box for those who want to help a team tackle weaknesses. Your participants will: learn what weaknesses really are; apply a step-by-step process to identify them; and take away practical strategies to minimize the impact their weaknesses have at work. The package includes everything a facilitator of any experience level needs to deliver a game-changing program on weaknesses. This workshop is the second in a series; to set the foundation for strengths, check out Strengths Essentials.

You need STOP. Cut Out Weaknesses if...
You want an effective and engaging way to teach people how to neutralize their weaknesses.

Just a few activities can ruin your days, corrupting everything else in your job. By identifying, naming, and tagging them, you restore them to their actual size: little puffs of annoyance, not a radioactive haze.
- Marcus Buckingham, Go. Put Your Strengths To Work