Strengths Essentials


Workshop-in-a-Box Cost (includes 10 Participant Kits):

Additional Participant Kits:
$65 each
Workshop Duration:
6 Hours (4 Hour option)
Master Facilitation Available:
Yes (details)

Strengths Essentials is a complete workshop-in-a-box for those who wants to lead a team in discovering their strengths. The package includes all the necessary materials for a facilitator of any experience to deliver a powerful introduction to the strengths philosophy. Once you have laid this foundation, you can continue the strengths journey with our next workshop-in-a-box, STOP. Cut Out Weaknesses.

You need Strengths Essentials if...
You want to introduce your team members or clients to the strengths philosophy without the need for certification.

You can be good at something—even really good at something—and still hate doing it. If that's the case, then you definitely should not consider that activity a strength, because doing it will leave you feeling drained, weakened and depleted. Building your career around that kind of activity is not a recipe for long-term success. It's time for a more accurate and relevant definition of a strength. This definition will be much more helpful in pointing to those activities you need to make a bigger part of your work and life.
Marcus Buckingham, Go Put Your Strengths To Work