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Why Team Leaders Are the Key to Talent Activation

Written by: Charlotte Saulny Foosball tables and wellness programs may attract talent, but they won’t activate it. Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or Kansas City, you are living in a startup world now. Every year, the U.S. sees about 4,000 new start-ups, even though only 15 of those will generate 95% of the economic returns.[1] Despite […]

Check-in Conversations Make Sense

Check-in conversations between managers and direct reports are common sense. Don’t over-engineer them — just have them. Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle We’ve long known the power of conversation — especially positive conversation. As humans, we crave attention, and conversations are one of the primary attention vehicles. This is true throughout all aspects of our lives, […]

3 Factors for Improving Employee Engagement

The problem in talent today is that we don’t focus on engagement where engagement lives: on teams and with team leaders. We’ve been so focused on managing talent that we have overlooked how to activate talent – which starts with where work is actually happening. The ADP Research Institute study Fixing the Talent Management Disconnect […]

How Employee Engagement Can Make or Break a Healthcare Organization

Written By: Anuja Vaidya – Becker’s Hospital Review A myriad of employee engagement and retention issues are facing healthcare organizations today, including burnout and depression, labor issues as well as employee strikes. A recent Medscape report shows 42 percent of physician respondents reported being burnt out, with 14 percent of respondents saying they were experiencing […]