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September 2022 – Issue 15

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Measure Team-by-Team Engagement in Real Time

Building engaged teams lays the foundation for building a high performing organization. StandOut Employee Engagement equips your team leaders to move the needle on engagement by getting 4 things right by:

Icon For Ask The Right Questions.

Ask the right questions.

8-question survey asks only the questions that predict retention and performance.

Icon For Ask The Right People.

Ask the right people.

At the team level, where work actually happens, including teams that don’t appear on the organizational chart.

Icon For Ask At The Right Time.

Ask at the right time.

Engagement is fluid, not once a year. Launched surveys quarterly by HR or whenever needed by team leaders.

Icon For Prescribe The Right Actions.

Prescribe the right actions.

Empower team leaders to move the needle with personalized strengths-based coaching insights.