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Research-Backed Insights

Our talent experts meaningfully breakdown research-backed insights on employee engagement, team performance, and leader development. These informative articles, blogs, and podcasts provide prescriptive actions you can implement into your talent strategy today.

Four Ways the Best Leaders Build a Resilient Workplace
From Forbes, Written by Natalia Peart
The 2020 ADP Research Institute (ADPRI) Workplace Resilience Study of 26,594 people across 25 countries found that only 19% of the U.S. workforce feels highly resilient. In this article from Forbes, discover four ways employees and leaders can take action to increase workplace resilience.
Image of a woman smiling while using a mobile phone.
Image of a man using a mobile phone.
Evolving Work Trends in 2021: Engagement as the Proactive Path Forward
From Spark, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Being proactive will be key to increasing engagement and business continuity in 2021. In this article from Spark, Amy Leschke-Kahle, Vice President of Performance Acceleration at The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) explores three ways that you can start now to evolve work by focusing on engagement to support the year ahead.
How can I grow employee engagement and workplace resilience?
From, Written by Christopher Wink
What are the simple steps leaders and organizations can take to increase engagement and avoid surprises? Start by finding the best in employees to activate their strengths. Dig deeper into how you can increase engagement and resilience in the workplace with’s latest report.
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A group of smiling co-workers in an office.
3 C’s for the Reluctant Leader: A Guide for Creating Continuity, Connectedness, and Constancy
From TLNT, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Many of us became leaders because we were extraordinary individual contributors, all be it reluctant people leaders. Today, it is more important than ever to focus on leading and not just on the work at hand. Continuity, connectedness, and constancy are the 3 steps to getting it done. Amy Leschke-Kahle breaks down each in this article from TLNT.
HR’s Compelling New Role In Response To The Coronavirus
From Forbes, Written by Tracy Brower
HR is playing an even bigger role in business and employee stability than ever before. Learn the crucial roles HR must play in this article by Forbes which includes a section on the criticality of leadership from Amy Leschke-Kahle.
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Image of a woman in a virtual conference on a laptop.
Check-Ins With Workers To Boost Productivity
From Payroll News, With Jeffrey Rothholz
With more employees teleworking than ever before and disruption becoming the new normal, how can leaders know the right attention to give their people to support and focus them? In this piece from Bloomberg Tax, Amy Leschke-Kahle discloses how leaders need to check-in vs check-up and at what cadence in order to bolster performance.
The Secret Sauce to Keeping Any Team Engaged
From HR Leaders With Chris Rainey
Whether employees are virtual or in-office, there is one secret-sauce to keeping employees “all-in” when it comes to engagement: frequent light-touch attention via check-ins. These 1:1 conversations help create the connection that fuels engagement, no matter where they work.
Image of co-workers in a meeting.
Image of a man in a virtual conference on a laptop.
Employees Exhausted by Virtual Meetings
From Human Resource Executive, by Kathryn Mayer
38% of employees say a week full of virtual meetings leave them feeling exhausted. In this quick read from HR Executive, Amy Leschke-Kahle provides simple solutions that employers can embrace immediately to keep employees energized and engaged instead.
How Inspira Took a Bold Step Towards Innovation in Their HR
From HR Leaders With Chris Rainey
Steve Winkel VP, People and Culture at Inspira Marketing and Amy Leschke-Kahle discuss what it takes to get your company on board with a strategy centered on the power of data, strengths, and attention.
Image of co-workers in a meeting.
Image of a woman smiling.
How to Engage Workers During the New Normal
From Human Resource Executive, by Kathryn Mayer
“There are a lot of expectations for what [employees and employers] deliver. [Plus] we’ve never been more distracted—and reasonably so, given all that, how do we create focus?” Amy Leschke-Kahle reveals the secret, plus key questions leaders should be regularly be asking their people.
How Leaders are Shifting to Engage Teams with a Remote Workforce
From Nasdaq Trade Talks With Jill Malandrino
Right now is the time to be focusing on engagement. The good news is frequent light-touch conversations are the secret sauce to keeping people engaged. In this 6-minute listen with NASDAQ, Amy Leschke-Kahle discusses the quantifiable impact light touch conversations can have and how even the most reluctant leader can be utilizing them right now.
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Image of a woman smiling while talking to a co-worker.
How to Manage Your Team During a Crisis
Expert tips from a panel of practitioners on managing a team during a crisis from employee resources. This piece includes insights on working with remote teams to maintain communication, connectivity and compassion. In the article, Amy Leschke-Kahle reveals what to do to keep employees focused and on track.
Engaging a Remote Workforce: What You Need to Know
From World at Work, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Whether your workforce is remote or not, a successful engagement strategy needs 4 “rights” to be effective. When an effective strategy is in place, research shows engagement is the most significant influencer of productivity, performance, and quality. Amy Leschke-Kahle shares the 4 “rights” along with actionable insights organizations can start doing today to increase engagement in this feature with World at Work.
Image of a woman smiling while working on a laptop.
Image of a woman smiling.
Keeping Your Remote Team Engaged
From Accounting Today With Daniel Hood
Employees can be “all in” no matter where they work. Weather employees are virtual or in-office, engagement depends on frequent light-touch attention via check-ins. These 1:1 conversations help create the connection that fuels engagement. Daniel Hood sits down with Amy Leschke-Kahle to dig into engagement insights on this podcast from Accounting Today.
What Employees Need to Hear From Leaders in Times of Crisis
From MIT Sloan Management Review, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
In uncertain times, employees need to hear frequently from organizational and team leaders to stay informed, feel heard and keep focus. Amy Leschke-Kahle discusses the cadence, tone, and approach to help maintain business continuity while staying human in this article on MIT Sloan Management Review.
Image of co-workers in a meeting.
A woman working on a laptop.
Bringing Engagement To The Top of Your Inbox
From Chief Executive, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Accelerating engagement must be the number one job for today’s leaders. In this quick read with Chief Executive, Amy Leschke-Kahle unpacks the three ways organizations can foster employee engagement.
When Life Overtakes the Work-Life Balance
From Balance Sheet With Olivia Berkman
How do you keep focused, productive, and engaged when life intersects with working at home? From crying babies to barking dogs, working from home can include a new set of distractions not seen in the office. Life can seem to overtake work-life balance. Olivia Berkman, host of the Balance Sheet podcasts, chats with Amy Leschke-Kahle on how to manage life distractions and thrive.
A smiling woman hugging her dog at work.
Two women looking at sticky notes attached to a glass window.
The HR Leader’s Guide to Stopping the Performance Management Madness
From CIO Applications, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Employee performance is complicated but accelerating it shouldn’t be. Discover 3 common performance management mistakes made, and how to correct them, in this insightful read from CIO Applications by Amy Leschke-Kahle.
The Importance of Distinguishing Appreciation from Recognition
From HR Executive, Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Confusing recognition and appreciation can stunt efforts to drive employee engagement. In this article from Human Resource Executive, Amy Leschke-Kahle helps identify the correct role each needs to play to maximize their impact.
A group of 3 smiling people in an office.
A woman looking at her mobile phone.
The “Secret Sauce” for Extraordinary Employee Performance
From, Written by Elissa Tucker
Helping teams drive extraordinary performance starts with clearly defining employee engagement . In this email interview by Elissa Tucker, Amy Leschke-Kahle illuminates employee engagement and reveals the most powerful thing a team leader can do to engage employees.
On This Employee Appreciation Day, Invest in Appreciation And Recognition
Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
March 1st was Employee Appreciation Day, and business leaders everywhere were reminded to show their appreciation for the folks who are responsible for getting the work done every day.
A group of co-workers giving each other a high five.
Image of a woman smiling.
Why Team Leaders Are the Key to Talent Activation
Written by Charlotte Saulny
Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or Kansas City, you are living in a startup world now. Every year, the U.S. sees about 4,000 new start-ups, even though only 15 of those will generate 95% of the economic returns. Despite the long odds, optimistic entrepreneurs continue breaking virtual ground on a daily basis.
Check-in Conversations Make Sense
Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Check-in conversations between managers and direct reports are common sense. Don’t over-engineer them — just have them.
Co-workers looking at an iPad.
Image of happy co-workers in a meeting.
3 Factors for Improving Employee Engagement
Written by Charlotte Saulny
The problem in talent today is that we don’t focus on engagement where engagement lives: on teams and with team leaders. We’ve been so focused on managing talent that we have overlooked how to activate talent – which starts with where work is actually happening.
The Myth of Goals: An Honest Observation of What We All Wish Was True
Written by Amy Leschke-Kahle
Have you ever asked yourself why the goals we set last year somehow became virtually irrelevant by about March? Aren’t goals supposed to be impermeable in helping us align, get the right work done, and create a means for measuring performance? Wouldn’t it be great if goals made all those things happen?
Image of a woman smiling while in a coffee shop with a co-worker.
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