From High-Tech to High-Touch


We unlock the potential of your people, with StandOut solutions from High-Tech to High-Touch.

Based on decades of research into the factors that differentiate high-performing teams, StandOut captures the rituals and behaviors of the best team leaders and infuses them into everything we offer.

Coaching. Education. Technology. Take one. Or take them all.

We believe that one size fits one. You’re unique. Your team is unique. Your company is unique. Uniqueness is the whole point. So we want to give you only what fits your needs, exactly.

High-Tech: Our StandOut Technology

Dynamic Teams Demand
Dynamic Solutions

Today, work gets done in fluid, changing teams. So engagement and performance tools need to accommodate dynamic teaming that isn’t dependent on rigid org structures.

StandOut offers a simple solution: empower the team leader to create, change, or disband teams on the fly. No need to bog down HR.

Which means less paperwork, and more actual work.

Radically Frequent Check-Ins. 52 Weeks A Year.

Studies show that team members who check in frequently with their team leaders are more engaged. It’s a simple equation: Radically frequent check-ins = higher engagement. Higher engagement = higher performance.

StandOut reminds team members to check in with their team leader weekly, and distills the complexity of the team leader’s world into two simple questions: “what are my team members’ priorities, and how can I help?”

Real-Time Reliable 
Engagement Data

Engagement doesn’t happen once a year. It happens all the time, and it varies team by team. So let’s measure engagement as and where it happens — on the team — and then give practical strategies to the one person who can affect it most — the team leader.

Leaders can’t afford to wait months for data that’s inherently flawed. StandOut is the only solution to provide real-time, statistically reliable engagement data and national benchmarks with practical insights for each team leader, giving them the measure of now.

The Next Generation of Performance Management

Sixty-one percent of a performance rating is about the rater, not the ratee. The bias of even the most careful raters makes fair, accurate performance ratings impossible to attain. Or they were. Until StandOut.

StandOut is the only performance solution to provide real-time, statistically reliable performance data, because it directly asks team leaders what they would do in response to each team member’s performance, and tracks the data over time. Then its algorithms neutralize bias in each team leader’s evaluation style — and the more your team leaders use it, the smarter StandOut gets.

One-of-a-Kind Machine Learning Algorithms

Each individual has a unique fingerprint when it comes to evaluating performance. StandOut leverages machine learning to account for this uniqueness and calibrate results to produce reliable data.

And it gets smarter the more times you use it. Multiple proprietary algorithms increase the precision of each and every rating your team leaders produce.

Monitor Engagement and Performance, Anywhere, Anytime.

The StandOut app makes it easy to monitor engagement and performance wherever you are (even on your wrist!). Complete Check-Ins in the palm of your hand and receive real-time notifications about team activity.

High-Touch: Coaching Is the New Learning

Everything we do is based on the coach approach to unlocking human potential.

What’s the coach approach? It starts with meeting people where they are — understanding their situation and psychology and then helping them find strengths-based strategies to succeed. It shifts learning from conceptual to concrete, because true learning and growth don’t happen outside the work, but in the work.

Every workshop, virtual program, or coaching experience we deliver inspires participants to apply their unique strengths to real-world challenges and opportunities. Our programs create meaningful behavioral change — and integrate StandOut technology to sustain momentum.

StandOut Team Leader

The job of the team leader is to turn talent into performance. The StandOut Team Leader program shifts mindsets to help team leaders unlock people’s potential by seeing them through the lens of their strengths.

The program addresses the three areas that offer the greatest impact for the team leader: Know your people; Focus your people; Engage your people.

Best of all, it leverages StandOut technology to sustain team leaders’ momentum and harness the power of frequent, future-focused conversations to drive engagement and performance.

StandOut Advantage

Every single individual has a unique and specific genius — a particular combination of traits, talents and skills that creates a comparative advantage in the world. StandOut Advantage was created to help people identify exactly where they excel and help them do more of what they do best.

Beginning with the groundbreaking StandOut strengths assessment, the program takes participants through a compelling exploration of their top strengths and how to put them to work.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching via technology? Revolutionary. Coaching 1:1 with an ICF-certified strengths coach? Extraordinary.

Sometimes the best way to coach someone’s performance is with, well, an actual coach. We offer 1:1 strengths coaching packages for executives and team leaders, bringing intensely personal focus to challenges and opportunities happening real-time, in the real world. Best of all, our coaching can also be integrated with our learning programs and technology to create a holistic approach to fueling engagement and accelerating performance.