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Sustainable Increases in Engagement and Performance

ADP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to evaluate the potential financial impact of StandOut®, powered by ADP® on organizations. In speaking to clients who enlisted StandOut to build engaged, high-performing teams that deliver real business results, Forrester used the interviews and data aggregation to create a model for a composite enterprise of 2,000 employees. Overall, the study found the financial findings were quantifiably impressive, that clients’ teams and leaders forged meaningful connections, and their businesses became more resilient.


Financial Impact

Infographic for ROI, NPV and Payback.

This workshop [Coaching Essentials for Team Leaders] was a really engaging experience. And also very enlightening. I had some “aha” moments, and definitely getting experiences from other people in the room was great. And I will never forget “Do, Be, Do, Be, Do!”

Business Consulting Industry

It was a very friendly approach, with practical things to do right away and great resources to use. It’s been a valuable use of my time.

Team Leader
Tech Industry

As a younger team leader, I’ve found this very important for my development. Learning how to coach and be a listener, and the techniques behind that has been invaluable to me.

Team Leader
Software Industry

Savings By The Numbers

Icon Design Representing Time.

StandOut saved between
2 and 4 months of time for managers to ramp to
100% productivity.

Icon Design Representing Performance.

StandOut replaced the previous performance management solution, saving the organization $500K over three years.

Icon Design Representing Implementation.

Three years after implementation, StandOut was saving the organization over $900K in rehiring costs annually.

Three-Year Risk Adjusted

Summary of Benefits

Total Economic Report infographic.

*This information is an abridged version of a case study commissioned by ADP titled: The Total Economic Impact Of StandOut, Powered By ADP, April 2020.

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