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Discover Forrester Consulting’s Latest Findings

In their report of the Total Economic Impact of StandOut®, powered by ADP®, Forrester Consulting found that the platform helps drive engagement while contributing to reducing unwanted attrition. Forrester interviewed three organizations using StandOut® to understand the value of the solution. Dig into their findings below.

Improved Employee Engagement

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Two months faster ramping for new managers.

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Decreased voluntary turnover rate by 16%.

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Reduce employee survey costs by 50%.

The StandOut Investment Results Showed:

  • Reduced voluntary turnover
  • Increased employee & customer engagement
  • Increased legitimacy of the performance review process
  • Reduced costs & inefficiencies in the performance management process

This workshop [Coaching Essentials for Team Leaders] was a really engaging experience. And also very enlightening. I had some “aha” moments, and definitely getting experiences from other people in the room was great. And I will never forget “Do, Be, Do, Be, Do!”

Business Consulting Industry

It was a very friendly approach, with practical things to do right away and great resources to use. It’s been a valuable use of my time.

Team Leader
Tech Industry

As a younger team leader, I’ve found this very important for my development. Learning how to coach and be a listener, and the techniques behind that has been invaluable to me.

Team Leader
Software Industry

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