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Marcus Buckingham Discusses the Three Shifts Every Organization Needs to Pay Attention to.
Right Now.

A Focus on the Team Leader

Organizations gain a competitive edge by focusing on teams and leaders at the local level instead of enterprise functional processes.

Marcus Buckingham describes why “there are no great organizations, only great teams. So goes the team, so goes the organization.” and how organizations can and must focus on the team leader.

Read more about a focus on the team leader in Marcus’ Harvard Business Review post.

A Shift from Big Data to Real-Time, Reliable Data

Deloitte spent over 2 million hours on performance reviews last year, yet research shows that over half executives questioned believe that their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance.

Organizations don’t need big data, they need real-time, reliable data. In this video, Marcus Buckingham shares why.

Read Marcus’ HBR post “Most HR Data is Bad Data” for more details.

From Leadership To What the Best Leaders Actually Do

So goes the team leader, so goes the organization. Marcus Buckingham describes how organizations can accurately fuel engagement, the right questions to ask, the strongest determinant of engagement – worldwide.

Read more about the StandOut Global Engagement Index.

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