Performance Has Two Parts

Solving for performance management requires understanding the difference between performance acceleration and performance measurement.

Watch. Learn. Un-complicate.

Performance management is about 2 things you must solve separately:

Performance Measurement

How do we reliably reveal performance?

The challenge is to find a way to see the true, unforced range in performance of each employee so that we can then invest differentially in our people. This is a measurement challenge.

Performance Acceleration

How do we create more or better performance?

This deals with issues such as how to pinpoint people’s strengths, how to focus and coach them, and how to engage them. It’s a development challenge.

When you talk about measuring performance, the problem you’re trying to solve for is how you measure performance accurately and reliably given that people are unreliable raters of other people. And, when you talk about performance acceleration, you need to be in the work, where the team leader connects to the team member.

StandOut® Brings You Both

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