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StandOut is for people who want an assessment that tells them how to make the most of their innate strengths. Accelerate your performance and accentuate your leadership style by discovering what makes you uniquely effective.

Assessment Time:
~20 Minutes
Individual Assessment Cost:
Customization Options:
StandOut can be customized based on specific positions in your organization. Contact us for details.
Master Facilitation Available:
Yes (details)
Expert 1:1 Coaching Available:
Yes (details)

You need the StandOut Assessment if...
You're tired of assessments that claim to tell you who you are, but don't tell you what you can do with that information. StandOut analyzes who you are, but it does so with a purpose: it goes beyond describing your strengths and explains how you can make the most of them.

What if we're all, when it comes to our genius, our unique combination of strengths, the equivalent of five-year-olds: using them, if at all, haphazardly and without any real sense of purpose and direction? Despite the fact that your genius—your particular combination of strengths—is deeply a part of who you are, it is exceedingly challenging to understand it, take control of it, and make it work for you. The most basic challenge, of course, is that it's hard to see your own uniqueness. And though your genius is ingrained, the right way to channel it is not.
- Marcus Buckingham in the book StandOut
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