Don’t start with the list. Start with the Leader.

That long list of competencies you want your leaders to embody? It started with a noble purpose: making your team leaders better. But leadership isn’t about checking off boxes on an abstract list. It’s about getting work done through others.

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StandOut® meets team leaders where they are, and then helps them find strengths-based strategies to succeed — not only for themselves, but for their team members. Whether your leadership development includes coaching, education, technology or (recommended) all three, StandOut keeps the focus where it belongs: on the work.

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“I had one VP tell me: ‘I already do this, so I don’t know why you are teaching me about weekly check-ins.’ But when he tried what StandOut prescribes, he found his conversations went from reflecting on what had occurred in the past to being laser focused on the work at hand, driving proactive results.”

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