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People Are Capable of Incredible Things

When you give your employees, leaders, and teams the tools they need — designed with them in mind — you give them the ability to do more of their best work.

Based on over 25 years of research on workplace excellence, we’ve reverse-engineered solutions to activate people’s unique talents so that they — and your organization — can thrive.

StandOut®, powered by ADP®, offers an engagement and performance technology platform plus coaching experiences to drive results.

Employee Engagement, Team Performance, and Leader Development don’t live just in the world of HR. They live in the world of team leaders and their teams. StandOut is provided by you, but built for their world.

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Employee Engagement

Highly engaged organizations outpace the competition. Light-touch StandOut Technology provides trusted data, team-by-team, to let you see engagement instantly. Plus, give leaders personalized coaching tips to move the needle.

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Team Performance

Create even higher performance to drive your business outcomes. Identify and build more teams like your best teams by providing your leaders with additional StandOut Tools to both drive and measure performance.

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Leader Development

Motivate your leaders to create the conditions that activate team members’ talent. StandOut Coaching, Workshops & Certifications sustain momentum for the strengths-based approach that generates success.

See what happens when personalization at scale meets actionable data.

Check out just some of the awesome results our clients are seeing:

A 27% increase in Fully Engaged employees in just 6 months at a Financial Services Organization.

A 57% increase in Fully Engaged employees in just 6 months at a Healthcare Organization.

As a younger team leader, I’ve found this very important for my development. Learning how to coach and be a listener, and the techniques behind that, has been invaluable to me.

Ray, Team Leader, Software Industry

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