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Talent Is Your Differentiator

That’s why you’ve invested time and funds into building culture and recruiting top talent — and rightfully so. Now, how can you get your people to do more of their best work? The answer isn’t another overly complicated action plan.

StandOut®, powered by ADP®, increases performance with technology that cultivates the one ritual the world’s best team leaders have in common: frequent 1:1 conversations with each team member about near-term future work. See how attention, in the form of Check-Ins, accelerates performance in this short video.

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Data Shows Teams Matter

And that means team leaders matter. Workers who trust their team leaders are 12x more likely to be Fully Engaged. How can your team leaders build that trust? We’ve spent 25 years researching what the best ones do and reverse-engineered a solution to give you results. Because engagement and performance live on real teams doing real work, not with HR.

Build more teams like your best teams in just two steps:

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Step 1: Identify

First, identify your top teams — even the ones that are not reflected in your organizational chart. Today, teams assemble, change and evolve in the real world of work. We call them dynamic teams, and StandOut technology lets your people create them effortlessly. Once you have identified all of your teams — including the dynamic ones — pinpoint your outstanding teams and build more like them.

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Step 2: Check In

Then, easily scale the best practice the world’s top leaders use for achieving excellence: frequent 1:1 conversations about near-term future work. StandOut technology helps your people have these light-touch conversations in the form of Check-Ins, so team leaders can help prioritize work and energize focus.

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The Power of Attention

See how high leader attention translates to high employee engagement for these StandOut clients.

Finance Industry Data Chart.
Finance Industry Data Chart.
Healthcare Industry Data Chart.
Technology Industry Data Chart.

*Approximate frequency of Team Leaders checking-in with Team Members

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