Our Story

The TMBC story begins back in the 1990s with our founder, Marcus Buckingham. As an internationally renowned thought leader and business expert, Marcus has been one of the instrumental founders of the strengths revolution. His work is routinely lauded by high-profile corporations as an invaluable resource in informing, challenging, mentoring, and inspiring people to find their strengths and sustain long-lasting personal success. TMBC, with its suite of StandOut Products and Services, continues to expand that mission, enabling people everywhere to understand where they are at their best and how to contribute that to the world.


Kickstarting the Strengths Revolution

Marcus Buckingham publishes his book First, Break All the Rules, the first of many award-winning best-sellers that establish the importance of the strengths-based approach.


TMBC formed

The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), is formed to turn Marcus’s research and thought leadership into strengths-based training and coaching.


StandOut Assessment Launched

TMBC introduces the StandOut Assessment.


StandOut 2.0 Published

StandOut 2.0 expands beyond the Assessment into an entire strengths-based Platform.


Programs Launched

TMBC launches its core leader development programs and begins certifying strengths coaches using the StandOut model.


ADP Acquires TMBC

TMBC becomes part of the ADP family, adding our own strengths approach to ADP’s human capital management offerings and linking our research to the ADP Research Institute (ADPRI).


Strengths Community

The Strengths Community is launched, bringing Certified Strengths Facilitators together to share ideas and best practices.


StandOut Platform Revamped

The StandOut Platform is revamped from the ground up and re-launched with new features added regularly.


Coaching Intelligence

Personalized coaching intelligence is provided to users who complete Check-Ins, as well as to their leaders.


Client Advisory Board

The StandOut Client Advisory Board is launched, bringing key client experiences and ideas directly to the product development team’s ears.


Team Activities

Team Activities and a Conversations feature make the StandOut Platform even more useful for connecting people in a productive way.