Over 1.2 million people have taken the free StandOut Assessment and are applying the best version of themselves at work. Want to join them?

The StandOut Assessment is a situational judgment test that measures you against 9 “Strength Roles” and identifies your Top 2 — revealing those ingrained traits and tendencies that give you a natural advantage. StandOut then gives you personalized, practical coaching on how to use your Roles to make your greatest contribution.

Strengths-Based Approach

This assessment helps everyone discover his or her unique strengths and use them to achieve outstanding results.

Valid and Reliable

The assessment is based on research combining quantitative and qualitative techniques involving more than 500,000 participants.

Quick Online Assessment

Taking only 15–20 minutes to complete, the assessment asks thought-provoking questions that get to the heart of each person’s innate tendencies.


Enter to win the opportunity to experience three one-on-one coaching sessions with a world-class StandOut strengths coach on one of several topics (listed below).

Prize consists of three one-hour sessions on the topic of your choice. Opportunities will also be available for non-winners to register for theme-based coaching engagements.

(For attendees of MOTM 2024 only.)

Strengths-Based Career Coaching

Clarify long-term career objectives and how to achieve them by deliberately deploying strengths.

  • Define desired state for your career
  • Identify strengths you bring to work
  • Build a long-term plan for career growth

Check-In Effectiveness Coaching

Explore how your unique strengths as a team leader can help you do your most important task: giving frequent, individualized attention to team members.

  • Examine your current check-in conversations
  • Understand obstacles to meaningful check-ins
  • Develop strategies for boosting the effectiveness of team member 1:1s

Burnout and Resilience Coaching

Burnout has become an urgent issue, not just at work but in every aspect of people’s lives. This coaching engagement will help you develop strategies for thriving.

  • Identify the barriers to feeling fulfilled, energized, and authentic
  • Shift perspective to navigate those barriers
  • Explore strategies to increase happiness regardless of outside challenges


  • Prize must be accepted by March 15, 2024 and first coaching session must begin by May 30, 2024.
  • For full rules and details, click here.


How You StandOut webinar, coming March 19

The one-hour How You StandOut webinar empowers participants to identify, value, and contribute the best of themselves every day. Using results from the StandOut Assessment, combined with a targeted discovery of specific strengthening activities, this webinar explores ways for each person to harness unique gifts to create a more satisfying, productive experience at work. Based on our popular StandOut Team Member workshop.

For questions about webinar registration, contact StandOutLD@tmbc.com.


Our StandOut Strengths technology allows an organization to create a strengths-based culture in which employees can discover and apply the best of themselves at work. Teams that play to their strengths every day outperform those that don’t. StandOut Strengths will inspire people to discover their unique strengths and use them to achieve outstanding business results.

For more information, contact Julie Shipley at julie.shipley@adp.com or go to https://www.tmbc.com/contact.