The StandOut Assessment

Your Key to a Strengths-Based World

In just 15 minutes, StandOut can show you a more powerful approach to work.

What makes you… you?

Have you ever wished you could read minds? How do other people experience you? We all have certain traits that inform how we tend to react in various situations. The StandOut Assessment captures those traits in 9 “Strength Roles” and reveals your Top 2 Roles. Knowing your Top 2 helps you take advantage of who you already are. When you lean into your natural tendencies, you show up at your best. And you can sidestep your worst — on purpose.

You can stop there, or you can dive deeper. We give you practical coaching insights to lean into these traits deliberately and be your best self… naturally. Our entire StandOut suite of products and services helps you and those around you get the most out of your unique approach to work and the world.

Learn about others, too

Once you learn how the 9 Roles work, StandOut offers a shortcut on how to use them to understand those around you better. Observing how others are showing up, and how each of you naturally approaches situations, helps make more sense of the world. It also builds team trust through clearer understanding.

All insights, no paywall

Because we want everyone to have access to the personalized insights the StandOut Assessment provides, we’ve made it completely free. You and everyone in your organization can take it today and receive your full report immediately upon completion. Tell your team, tell your boss, tell everyone you love. Heck, tell all the people you don’t like, too — it’ll help you understand them better.

I’m ready to take the Assessment

Interested in the research and data behind StandOut? Our Strengths Assessment Technical Summary: Development and Validation paper is available for download. It’s got all the details about why the StandOut Assessment sets the standard for reliability and validity.