StandOut, powered by ADP®, is our approach for turning talent into performance, by seamlessly infusing coaching and technology.

StandOut challenges the status quo through a research-based approach designed to create the outcomes that matter.

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Build more teams like your best teams. Standout equips your team leaders with tools developed just for them.

Learn how to transform your organizations talent through:

Engagement and Performance happen or fail to happen at the team level.

That’s is why StandOut is designed for the team leader- it lives in their real world of work.

By going straight to where work happens, to the person who has the most impact over the experience of your employees and their performance, we are able to help you create these meaningful outcomes.

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“With StandOut, you’re going to get a better return from your people if you build the right kind of relationship with them. If they can give you their strength every day, they’re going to be engaged and therefore have higher performance. So you have to know the strength of your people and you have to talk to them about it all the time.”

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